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Sri Lanka

Union Place - the first Pizza Hut restaurant in the Indian sub continent opened in November 1993, boasts of 100 seating capacity. Located in the centre of the city the restaurant caters to mix of corporates and elite Colombo households.
321/A, Union Place, Colombo 02.

Dehiwala - located in the southern tip of metropolitan Colombo. This 80 cover restaurant was opened in October 1998. It caters primarily to a residential clientele.
101, Galle Road, Dehiwela.

Wattala - the third restaurant (RBD) with 60 covers. It was opened in November 2001. Situated just outside Colombo on the main road to the airport it caters mainly to residences.
335, Negombo Road, Wattala.

Bambalapitiya - a funky 60 seater Red Roof located opposite the popular shopping destination Majestic City. The restaurant was opened in November 2007 and serves residents, corporates and shoppers.

Kandy - the second largest city in Sri Lanka. This was Pizza Huts first attempt to step out of Colombo. A beautiful 100 seater restaurant designed on two levels of caters to the affluent residents of Kandy, a mix of corporates and lots of tourists who flock to the city for its various attractions. The restaurant was established in Sep 2003.

Havlock Town - is the first Delco outlet opened in November 2000 in Colombo. This outlet is one the busiest delivery outlets and caters primarily to households.

Kelaniya - a Delco outlet opened in Oct 2004. It serves the bustling town of Kiribathgoda on the main route to Kandy.

Kotahena - located in an old part of metropolitan Colombo. This Delco outlet opened in Dec 2004 caters to a mix of residents and businesses.

Maharagama - this delco outlet situated on the High Level Road was opened in Jun 2006 and caters to primarily to residents.

Malabe - the Delco outlet was opened in December 2005 and primarily serves residents.

Moratuwa - located on the main road (Galle Road a stretch of over 100 Kms) to Down South Sri Lanka the Delco outlet was opened in Nov 04 and caters mainly to residents.

Negombo - a touristy town situated just outside north of Colombo passing the airport. The outlet caters to mix of residents, businesses and tourists and was established in May 2006.

Nugegoda - situated in one of the busiest suburban cities in the trunk route (High Level Road) to inland Sri Lanka this outlets was opened in May 2003 and caters to a bustling town full of families, shoppers and young adults.

Piliyandala - the latest outlet opened in Sri Lanka. It caters residents of the emerging city of Piliyandala.

Rajagiriya - opened in February 2001 and the outlet is situated just outside East of Colombo city limits on the drive to the parliament. Catering to a highly residential area. Rajagiriya outlet is Sri Lankas busiest delivery store.

Thalawathugoda Capital Mall, located in one of the first malls to appear in the suburban town of Thalawatugoda. This Delco was opened in July 2003 and caters to a highly residential locale.


Cyber Greens – Opened on 10th December 2005, it is a delivery outlet with 39 seat-ins to cater the huge corporate mass. It is located in the hub of corporate operations homing multinationals such as GE, Microsoft, Sapient, IBM Daksh, Oracle, American Express, among a host of others.
It is one of the Pizza Hut Outlets, in India, which does highest delivery sales.

Palam Vihar – Opened on 29th November 2006, it is a delivery outlet and is located in one of the posh locales of Gurgaon. The trade area has the cream of Gurgaon residing with top bosses of all major organizations and most of the expats who are working out of Delhi.
This Pizza Hut Delco (Delivery) is the only outlet, in India, which has shown the highest Sales Growth year on year.

Sector 56 – Opened on 14th October 2008, it is a new delivery format of Pizza Hut, branded as PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery). The outlet is located in the midst of corporate and residential clusters. The trade area has a success story that talks about a complete transformation from once a sleepy town into a hi-tech destination with sky-scrapers.
This PHD outlet claims to achieve the highest UC (Unit Contribution) in the PHD format, in the country.   

Palam Vihar, Ansal Plaza – Opened on 29th November 2008, it is a fine casual dine-in restaurant spread over two floors and has 82 covers. It is located in one of the posh malls of Gurgaon and the trade area has the cream of Gurgaon residing with top bosses of all major organizations and most of the expats who are working out of Delhi.
The restaurant has been admired as one of the best EDI (Enhanced Dine-in) in the world by the YRI team.